This paper proposes a new trajectory-generation scheme for a high-performance anti-swing control of overhead cranes, where the trajectory-generation problem is solved as a kinematic problem. First, a new anti-swing control law is designed based on the load-swing dynamics, for which the Lyapunov stability theorem is used as a mathematical tool. Then a new trajectory-generation scheme is proposed based on the anti-swing control law and typical crane operation in practice. For g iven hoisting motions, trolley-traveling trajectory references are computed based on the concept of minimum-time control, and then anti-swing trajectories are generated based on the trajectory references through the anti-swing control law. The new trajectory-generation scheme generates a typical anti-swing trajectory in industry with high-speed load hoisting. The effectiveness of the proposed trajectory-generation scheme is shown by generating high-performance anti-swing trajectories with high hoisting speed and hoisting ratio.

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