This paper describes the status of Westinghouse’s Advanced Turbine Systems (ATS) Program. This program was undertaken in response to U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy requirements for greater than 60% net plant thermal efficiency, less than 10 parts per million NOx emissions, 10% reduction in the cost of electricity and state-of-the-art Reliability-Availability-Maintainability (RAM) levels (Ali and Zeh, 1996). An extensive four-year program was undertaken to develop the required technologies and design an advanced gas turbine. The gas turbine design and most of the technology verification programs have been completed. The 501 ATS engine employed innovative aerodynamic, combustor, cooling, sealing, and mechanical designs, as well as advanced materials, coatings, and casting technologies to achieve the program goals. The incorporation of the 501 ATS gas turbine in a world-class combined cycle plant will result in more than 420 MW net output power and greater than 60% net LHV based plant thermal efficiency.

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