The work is devoted to the design of a spraying device for the combustion chamber GTE-65.1 on liquid fuel.

The paper presents the following results:

1) The 3D calculations of the air channels characteristics for two burners types — pilot and main — were carried out. Data were obtained on the flow and pressure fields inside and at the burners outlet, and also the volumes of the reverse flow zones.

2) The main and pilot nozzles have been designed for the two spraying devices types. The values of droplet dispersity and spray angle were obtained, depending on the fuel injection pressure.

3) Based on the calculations carried out, the models of two spraying liquid fuel devices were designed and manufactured, the design of which is based on the design of the single-fuel combustion chamber (CC) on natural gas burners for GTE-65.1.

At the next stage of the work, it is planned to carry out experimental studies of the two devices models aimed at obtaining an aerosol mixture with the desired properties to ensure uninterrupted operation of the GTE-65.1 on liquid fuel. Some preliminary experimental data are presented in this paper.

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