The use of biogas has currently two disadvantages. Firstly, processing biogas to natural gas quality for feeding into the natural gas grid is a rather energy consuming process. Secondly, the conversion into electricity directly in biogas plants produces waste heat, which largely cannot be used. Therefore, a feed-in of the desulfurized and dry biogas to local biogas grids would be preferable. Thus, the biogas could be used directly at the end consumer for heat and power production. As biogas varies in its methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) content, respectively, this paper studies the influence of different biogas mixtures compared to natural gas on the combustion in a FLOX®-based six nozzle combustor. The single staged combustor is suitable for the use in a micro gas turbine (MGT) based combined heat and power (CHP) system with an electrical power output of 3 kW. The combustor is studied in an optically accessible atmospheric test rig, as well as integrated into the MGT system. This paper focuses on the influence of the admixture of CO2 to natural gas on the NOX and CO emissions. Furthermore, at atmospheric conditions the shape and location of the heat release zone is investigated using OH* chemiluminescence (OH* CL). The combustor could be stably operated in the MGT within the complete stationary operating range with all fuel mixtures.

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