Misalignment is a usual phenomenon in rotating machines. The rotor centerlines are not collinear at the couplings and the rotors operate in incorrect axial positions in a multi-span rotor. The effects of misalignment of flexible rotor system are summarized as the variation of joint stiffness and additional misalignment excitation force based on the dynamic model established.

The variation of joints stiffness is difficult to describe, meanwhile the misalignment excitation and rotor unbalance changes with different assembly and operating conditions. The distributions of these parameters which have significant effect on rotor dynamics are unknown, but the intervals of uncertain parameters are usually easier to get. An interval analysis method based on Taylor expansion and direct integration, which solves the dynamic response of rotor system under complex excitations including misalignment and multi unbalance with different frequencies and excitation points is presented. The differential equation of rotor system is formulated by combination of the matrixes of an actual rotor system finite element model and interval excitation vectors. The responses of a single spool and two spools with misalignment and unbalance are calculated by the interval analysis method. The results indicate that the method is effective and reflects some dynamic influence of misalignment and unbalance on rotor system. Second harmonic frequency appears, and rotor orbit is irregular. The response reflects the uncertain interval distribution characteristics, and the frequency components on different locations of the rotor have different characteristics.

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